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A group of Christian believers in Jesus (Yeshua) who have been gathering together to engage in the deep and enriching study of the first five books of the Bible for over 15 years. We have grown to love the cultural, linguistic, and ancient cultural background and roots of the Judeo-Christian faith. We meet every Monday night at 3501 Fairlanes Avenue SW in Grandville Michigan, and occasionally other locations around the West Michigan area. 


our vision

The vision of Torah Club Grand Rapids is:

To Learn and deepen our understanding of scripture and the Lord of the story. 

To Grow and Flourish in His word, in His truth, in Him.





What is particularly valuable is the group interaction each week. We all come from various denominational backgrounds and, as such, bring different levels of knowledge and perspective. The dialogue and interchange each week amplify what you learn in the weekly study and the variety of ideas discussed is extremely thought provoking. It stretches you intellectually.




This study has deeply over-hauled and re-fortified the foundations and workings of my faith. It's been one of the single most influential experiences for my faith and the practice of it. 


The lessons are easy to follow, easy to understand and full of great insight. 

The Bible continues to be opened in new and fresh ways through the study. Understanding the Bible from its historical context opens up truths we have missed from our western understanding. The scriptures have become so much bigger. 

We are thankful for Gods Word, this study and all of you!



Tom & Anita

I knew from the start it was what I had been seeking for decades, an understanding of Jesus as a Jew and where Gentiles fit into His great plan. This study has been surprisingly about relationships; the relationship between our Creator and His created (ancient to present), Jesus’ relationship with the Torah and his Hebrew ancestry, my relationship with my triune God, and the relationships amongst the group members. The caliber of the study, the group members with their diverse knowledge and vast
resource pool generating interesting discussions, and their humility and humor, are what keeps me coming back. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity in Grand Rapids.


We joined because of the recommendation of a friend, it has been such a wonderful learning experience.  Stretching us; teaching us; so many “ah-ha” moments; seeing how the new testament is in the old testament concealed, and the old testament is in the new testament revealed.  Doesn’t hurt either that we have met and gotten to know some really wonderful people!

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Any and all donations are used for the following expressed purposes: educational materials, group meals/feasts, to bring guest speakers in for learning opportunities, or to provide scholarship assistance. Feel free to specify your donation's intention.

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The best time to join is at the beginning of a new study year, in October. 

There are other options to joining, please visit our contact page and send us an email if you'd like to get going soon.

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We are looking for new opportunities to learn and spread the value of this educational study. That often happens through people like you sharing who we are, where we are, and what we're doing. Feel free to pass along our website, our facebook page, our contact information to someone you think would be interested in learning more, collaborating or helping this project along. 


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